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Latifa from Dubai, UAE

I work in a bank and I am so happy with my ZENplanet masks. I have two different color masks that match my mood of the day. I love the comfortable “feel” of the masks. My skin is not irritated by the material which is very important since I wear it all day in the office. And, so light and easy to fold and fit in my purse. It is easy and quick to wash and dry at night. And, I’m saving money and helping the environment. Now, most of my family is wearing ZENplanet masks.…

Doug from NY, USA

I love my ZENplanet ABACA face mask! I wear it every day at work in the office. It is so light and easy to adjust for snug fit. I feel confident that it protects me and my co-workers from virus in air. I get many comments about the “cool” design. It is a great “ice breaker” to meet new people. And, it saves money and the environment. I’ve worn my mask for over 2 months and I expect to wear it another month. So easy to wash and dry. Highly recommend!

Khalid from Abu Dhabi, UAE

A friend suggested ZENplanet masks and I was skeptical. Sounded too good to be true. I am a courier and buy disposable masks nearly every day. The mask is so comfortable and I can tell that it filters air much better. I picked my favorite color. It gives me a distinctive “look.” I get many compliments from clients. It is easy to re-use. I am saving money and protecting my health. Plus, it helps the environment.