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ZP 3-PLY Abaca Face Mask ©

ZP 3-PLY Abaca Face Mask ©


The unique design of ZENplanet Abaca Face Masks © creates a lightweight and comfortable fit. These masks are double or triple layered and are made from Natural Abaca Fiber from the Philippines’ Rainforest.

ZENplanet Abaca Face Masks © are reusable (at least 100 times), washable, and 100% biodegradable with unique water resistant features, which reduces bacterial growth.


With Every ZENplanet Abaca Face Mask © Order, YOU ARE AIDING THE FIGHT AGAINST GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE & PROTECTING SEA AND LAND WILDLIFE. PLUS, For EACH ZENplanet Abaca Face Mask © Order, ZENplanet donates needed supplies to support the Traditional Filipino Arts and Crafts.

    • Handmade from Abaca Plant Fibers harvested from Philippines' Rainforests
    • 7X Greater Filtration than other popular cloth masks (DOST Certified)
    • Much Lower Water Absorption than N95 Medical Grade Face Mask (DOST Certified)
    • Reusable
      • Double Layered Masks - 90 to 100 uses (if carefully maintained)
      • Triple Layered Masks - 130 to 150 uses (if carefully maintained)
    • Biodegradable - reduce carbon emissions, landfill, and methane gas produced from slowly decomposing face masks (450-500 years!)
    • Unique, Lightweight Design creates comfortable use
    • Single, High Quality Elastic Ear Loop with Reinforced Mask Design. Your Mask will have a COMFORATBLE, SNUG FIT!
    • Breathable - Lightweight Abaca enhances particle filtration while ensuring ease of breathing
    • Washable with Household Soap. Ensures Good Hygiene while Abaca DOES NOT cause skin irritation.(Complete Washing Guidelines are provided with each Mask in the form of ZENplanet Care Booklet ©)
    • Three Sizes (LARGE, MEDIUM, and SMALL)
    • Multiple Colors
    • Customizable with Unique Logo, Name, or Graphic of Your Choice