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Seasonal Collection-ZENplanet 2-PLY Donnie & Santa ABACA Face Mask ©

Seasonal Collection-ZENplanet 2-PLY Donnie & Santa ABACA Face Mask ©


The unique design of ZENplanet Abaca Face Masks © creates a lightweight and comfortable fit. These masks are double or triple layered and are made from Natural Abaca Fiber from the Philippines’ Rainforest.

ZENplanet Abaca Face Masks © are reusable (at least 100 times), washable, and 100% biodegradable with unique water resistant features, which reduces bacterial growth.


With Every ZENplanet Abaca Face Mask © Order, YOU ARE AIDING THE FIGHT AGAINST GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE & PROTECTING SEA AND LAND WILDLIFE. PLUS, For EACH ZENplanet Abaca Face Mask © Order, ZENplanet donates needed supplies to support the Traditional Filipino Arts and Crafts.

  • FEATURES of ZENplanet Abaca Face Mask ©

    • Handmade from Abaca Plant Fibers harvested from Philippines' Rainforests
    • 7X Greater Filtration than other popular cloth masks (DOST Certified)
    • Much Lower Water Absorption than N95 Medical Grade Face Mask (DOST Certified)
    • Reusable
      • Double Layered Masks - 90 to 100 uses (if carefully maintained)
      • (Coming Soon) Triple Layered Masks - 130 to 150 uses (if carefully maintained)
    • Biodegradable - reduce carbon emissions, landfill, and methane gas produced from slowly decomposing face masks (450-500 years!)
    • Unique, Lightweight Design creates comfortable use
    • Single, High Quality Elastic Ear Loop with Reinforced Mask Design. Your Mask will have a COMFORATBLE, SNUG FIT!
    • Breathable - Lightweight Abaca enhances particle filtration while ensuring ease of breathing
    • Washable with Household Soap. Ensures Good Hygiene while Abaca DOES NOT cause skin irritation.(Complete Washing Guidelines are provided with each Mask in the form of ZENplanet Care Booklet ©)
    • Three Sizes (LARGE, MEDIUM, and SMALL)
    • Multiple Colors
    • Customizable with Unique Logo, Name, or Graphic of Your Choice

    Your ZENplanet Abaca Face Masks © are individually sealed after an Antibacterial Treatment and accompanied with a ZENplanet Care Booklet ©


    Unused Masks must be returned within 30 days. Refund does not include shipping and handling costs. For details, please go to the clickable Refund Policy link in the footer of the CHECKOUT.


    All items shipped internationally are DDU (delivered duty unpaid). Any customs fees owed will need to be paid for by the recipient.


    ZENplanet Abaca Face Masks © are non-medical products.

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