About Us

ZENplanet LLC is the Exclusive, International Distributor of ABACA Re-usable, Biodegradable PPE Face Masks

Our Mission:

ZENplanet’s mission is to promote personal health and ecological sustainability during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It’s three key objectives are: (1) improve personal protection and reduce spread of Coronavirus with form fitting, comfortable face masks; (2) provide cost-effective and easy to maintain reusable face masks (at least 90 uses); and (3) reduce carbon emissions, methane gas, and river/ocean pollution by replacing disposable (synthetic) with biodegradable masks.  In addition, ZENplanet contributes to Rainforest sustainability by harvesting plant fibers for mask production and supports WORLD FAIR TRADE ORGANIZATION labor standards for its workforce in the Philippines.  Lastly, ZENplanet supports its educational goals by providing original, online educational programs about ecological sustainability and biodiversity.

Our Goals:

The goals of our ZENplanet Abaca Face Masks © Project are to: (1) reduce carbon emissions from production of disposable masks, (2) reduce landfill and methane gas produced from slowly decomposing face masks (450-500 years!), (3) promote cost effective, biodegradable alternatives to disposable masks, (4) improve human health with high filtration masks, (5) reduce disposable mask pollution that poses risks to sea and land animals (6) contribute to sustainable agricultural economies in Rainforest regions,  (7) improve labor standards in developing societies, (8) support indigenous artists and craftspeople, (9) raise national awareness of successful sustainability policies, and (10) diversify the global supply chain from its current dependence on China.

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During the global Covid-19 pandemic, our humanity has been challenged by the triple threat of public health crises, environmental degradation, and socio-political conflict.  Yet, even during the darkest days, we are witnessing the sprouting of many innovative “seeds of hope” that illuminate a brighter and even “greener” future.  As a specialist in Comparative International Development for over 30 years, I have been contacted by many organizations and groups to advise a new generation of leaders.  The goal is not utopian.  Rather, its focus is to balance advances in technology with prudent social policy.  In an increasingly global society, we must envision a collaborative future—across nations, religions, cultures--where Public Health decisions are shaped by objective scientific research, where Climate Change policies are central to economic planning, and Social Equity is paramount to the pursuit of a “just” society.


I was skeptical about an upstart company that was so idealistic and whose “mission and vision” was so optimistic in the spirit of social change during the darkest days of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Today, however, I am convinced that our collective future is dependent upon the thousands of inspiring and committed “progressive” initiatives like ZENplanet.  Clearly, governments and international organizations ALONE are not capable of “turning the ship around” and saving Mother Earth from the mischievous acts of her children.  Instead, it will be the fruits of carefully conceived and executed projects like ZENplanet that recognize that science is a guiding light but not the political answer to solving our global problems.


At ZENplanet, three key mission objectives are intertwined: (1) HEALTH, (2) LOW COST, and (3) ENVIRONMENT.  First, it has identified a renewable natural resource—ABACA—for creating a superior face mask for combating the spread of Covid-19.  This dense, water resistant material provides 7 times higher filtration rate than cloth masks in reducing the spread and/or inhaling the virus.  This is confirmed by official testing results of the Philippines Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Hence, enhanced personal and social HEALTH are an immediate benefit of the ZENplanet ABACA face masks.  Second, the re-usable masks are easy to clean (wash for 2-3 minutes with soap or disinfectant) and can be worn at least 90 times before disposal. Overall, ZENplanet ABACA face masks cost about 80% less than disposable masks if properly maintained.  Third, the substitution of disposable face masks with ABACA face masks will save millions of tons of nonbiodegradable waste that generates dangerous methane gas (key source of Climate Change), thousands of tons of carbon emissions during the production process, and pollution of our oceans, rivers, and lakes.  ZENplanet ABACA face masks are biodegradable!


Lastly, the vision and social agenda of ZENplanet is remarkable during this period of social, economic, and environmental turmoil.  Its initial ABACA face mask products not only support sustainable development in the Philippines’ rain forest, but ZENplanet ensures the quality of its hand-made products by requiring that WORLD FAIR TRADE ORGANIZATION labor standards are respected.  In addition, ZENplanet is committed to sustainable development by financially contributing to traditional arts and crafts of indigenous groups as well as youth education programs.  And, in an effort to raise social and environmental awareness among the next generation of civic leaders, ZENplanet has developed an educational, online “ABACA Rainforest Tour” for parents, teachers, and students to explored the “roots” of the ABACA production process, the social communities that produce ABACA masks, and the international supply chain that delivers this unique product to our homes.  My understanding is that other eco-friendly products are in the ZENplanet distribution pipeline. They include organic health and beauty products, children’s books on sustainable societies, and eco-tours to the Philippines.  For these and many other reasons, I strongly urge you to support ZENplanet's mission and participate in its vision of a more humanitarian society in harmony with Mother Nature.