Abaca Fiber

Abaca is a leaf fiber, composed of long slim cells that form part of the leaf's supporting structure. Lignin content is a high 15%. Abaca is prized for its great mechanical strength, resistance to saltwater damage, and long fiber length – up to 3 m. The best grades of abaca are fine, lustrous, light beige in colour and very strong.  

Abaca Export Products

Abaca Export Products include Bags, Barong Tagalog, pillow cases, statue, hats, fishing nets, hawsers, paper & pulp, and cordage

Worker Stripping Fiber From Abaca
Drying Abaca Fiber
Dried Abaca
Steps: Abaca Fiber Processing

Abaca Plant Fiber

DTI SSF Abaca Plant Fiber Processing

Abaca Plant Fiber can be made into many things...

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